Package 1


This is a starter package designed to help you spark your creative self into action with meaning. I help explore and nurture this energy into your personal and professional life. I can help you grow to make better career and relationship choices with increased confidence and belief, as we increase awareness and emotional literacy. We start to highlight and explore false beliefs, sense of limitation and untruths operating in personal and work environments.

In each hour long session I encourage you to envisage and start to consider a different kind of life by working with your deeper sense of self and consciousness, looking for goals in alignment with your true calling and away from social expectations. I provide a nurturing, collaborative and meaningful relationship to help facilitate and support change in one or all aspects of your life you are exploring.

This package includes:

  • Four (4) x one and a half (1 1/2) hour Skype/Zoom sessions
  • One Skype/zoom 15min initial consultation
  • A range of coaching tools and techniques designed to work effectively to fulfil your goals
  • Feedback with email support for homework and weekly journaling.
  • Monthly touch points for 12 months to keep track of progress


I offer this carefully designed and structured package for £999.00